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Best Types of LED Modules! Why LED Lighting Is Beneficial for Top Outdoor Advertisement?

Best Types of LED Modules! Why LED Lighting Is Beneficial for Top Outdoor Advertisement?

The electro lighting market is flooded with plenty of LED modules in a wide variety, and are categorized into numerous ways ranging from color to CCT, form, packaging type, module efficiency, flux, or whether the module contains integrated power.

Let’s suppose if we talk about ‘form’, then the common forms of LED modules are usually rectangular and circular. Whereas, other common forms include; star, square, and linear.

The LED module manufacturers have extended its functionality and operating features as per the required capacity of ‘flux’ or brightness which normally ranges from 105 lumens to about 6000 lumens. The most common numbers include; 1100 lumens, 2000 lumens, 800 lumens, or 3000 lumens – depending on how far the efficiency of module energy goes.

However, some common values are; 55 lumens per watt, 97 lumens per watt, 10.8 lumens per watt, and 98 lumens per watt. Okay, now few other common categories of LED light modules that are frequently used in advertising and signage includes:

  • Side LED modules: These modules are used for giving accurate illumination for big-sized sign cabinets.
  • Back LED modules: this type of LED modules is best to use for inside lit up channel letters and lightboxes.
  • Flex LED strips: The flex LED strip on the other hand can easily be cut up, and combined again into different shapes. This makes it best for convolutedly worded, designed illuminated signs, and acrylic channel letters.

As discussed above, some LED light modules feature their self-contained power supply in form of batteries, while few others are connected with an external power source to function properly.

Thus, it won’t be wrong to claim that if you have a self-contained unit with its power supply, it means you have high flexibility where to place your LED light module, then if you buy a device, then how much external power source it’ll require.


LED lighting can said to be the ultimate lighting solution for almost any lighting application!

The LED light technology is rapidly becoming the most demanding choice for retail signs, display signs, lighting channel letters, and more.  Their durability, bright light, and affordability make them extremely attractive to sign companies around the world.

Following are a few benefits of LED modules:

  1. Driven modules are amazingly energy proficient – This can prompt broad investment funds on energy bills and settles on LED lights as a practical decision.
  2. Driven light is extremely splendid – The splendor levels of our LED lighting modules will surpass your best standards. Our LED lights, fueled by LG and Samsung, give better sturdiness over neon, while as yet offering incredibly splendid light.
  3. Driven lighting modules are naturally agreeable – LEDs have the most splendid future for the broadest scope of utilizations, and they incite ecological manageability since they devour less force, last any longer, and contain no toxins.

So, either you need lighting for displays, channel letters, or any other high impact signage, look for the best LED module manufacturer near you.

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