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Guide To Install LED Car Screen in Taxi

Guide To Install LED Car Screen in Taxi

Have you ever seen those small screens on top of taxis and cabs which have information about the driver, and contact details for personal commuting purposes, and pick and drop, etc.?

This is called LED taxi screen – an advanced, or we can say smart way of advertising service geared at passing information to many in different places with led screens fixed on buses, cabs, and taxis.

In this post, you’ll learn how to install LED screen in taxis

1. Decide the hole position for support

Connect the large bracket with a small bracket on the LED on-board screen using M8*15 screws. The distance between each bracket should be 15-20cm away from both sides of the LED on-board screen. Both upper and lower hole positions will be adjusted as per the requirement of the specific model.

Place your LED vehicle-mounted screen on the decorative board – at the back of the back car seat. The dispersing between LED vehicle-mounted screen and back glass should sufficiently be to fit the palm of your hand.

Since during the time spent driving, an LED on-board screen will shake, excessively near the vehicle will hit the glass. Alright, let the individual external the window takes a gander at the left and right focus, mark the situation of the section.

2. Fix the big bracket

Once you determine the bracket position, remove the LED on-board screen, and first fix the bracket using drilling tail wire. Let me tell you, that drilling tail wire should be fixed in all four bracket holes (since specific models will be different, some models need to be drilled with an electric drill, then fixed with screws)

As a customer, you should individually buy drilling tail wire and screws according to your model requirement. Once you get done with fixing the bracket, then place LED on-board screen on the bracket and tighten all screws properly

As your LED on-board screen might shake during fast driving sometimes, or might get enough close to the car that it becomes to an edge of hitting glass; so the best way is, ask any person to stand outside the window, and mark the fixed position of bracket while looking at both right and left-center

3. Wiring of LED on-board screen

Okay, here you’ll see two wires coming out of the rear window LED on-board screen: one is a power cord, and the other is an alarm line. The power line has two colors; a core black jacket, and pure anaerobic copper. There’s one square wire mostly brown blue, or red-black. So connect following formula of Red plus black minus, and brown plus blue minus.

Then we have an Alarm line, it also two core white line or red-black line, you can prefer the direct connection to the alarm connector

The entire wiring line procedure should be done by a professional mechanic, or either under the supervision of a mechanic. Make sure all lines on the LED on-board screen are following the car back seat and to the steering wheel.

The positive post of red or earthy colored is associated with the ACC (start switch) of the vehicle, and the negative shaft of dark or blue is straightforwardly associated with the iron. Here your Led car or taxi screen is connected!

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