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Is Taxi Top Led Screen A Wise Investment?

Is Taxi Top Led Screen A Wise Investment?

Many people have seen small screens on the top of the taxi around. Outdoor top LED taxi screen is a newer form of advertisement at passing information to a great number of people. In different places LED screens are used to mount on taxis, buses, and cabs. This advertising form is gaining popularity in many cities. It is fast passing the bench ads and billboards. As the taxis becoming the most preferred form of travel, information is better conveyed on LED screens on cabs top.

How the LED do screens work?

The LED screen on the taxi top is powered by the electricity of the car. You do not need any external battery or alternative power to light up the screen. Taxi top digital advertising refers to use screen signs on top of a taxi to deliver ads in-stream media in text, images, and video formats. A LED display screen on the taxi top is a dual-side flat panel display, uses an array of RGB colors with high brightness. This LED unit is installed on the rooftop and is powered by the battery of that taxi. It is both static images and moving videos as well. Remotely, the display can be controlled through a high bandwidth wireless network. The LED high brightness pixels permits the taxi top display to be used outdoors. The brightness of the LED display is high to make it visible in direct sun exposure. Now, these have become an effective platform for digital advertising.

Taxi owners

An individual owner of a taxi can get a LED screen for taxi and earn advertising fees. Many companies pay and provide LED screens to the taxi owners for advertisement. While selecting a particular LED screen you should be very selective. The taxi top LED screen display needs to face several air conditions and temperatures. The LED screen is subjected to variations in different temperatures from hot sunny days and cold nights. The taxi top LED screen has to be bright both during the night and the day. It has to be stable that moves and stop all day long.

Why the investment of LED screen is a good idea?

  • Mobile advertisement in transport vehicles is becoming an acceptable and widespread methods day-by-day of promoting brands and businesses. This is one of the very effective ways of advertising with the company.
  • Another advantage is the cost, the cost of the running ads is totally dependent on the taxi owner. This allows you a great margin of revenue for advertisement.
  • The LED screen generates almost 3500 nit luminosity, even in the direct sunlight the ad always looks crystal clear and vivid.
  • The LED display screen on top taxi makes digital content identified clearly. This is one of the best ways of advertisement and attracting maximum people.
  • The cost of good running ads with exorbitant promotion costs pays back the initial cost of buying the display screen.
  • It is a great investment as with a reach of approximately 30000 people in a day, this can change the viewers into customers of the brand.
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