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LED Lighting Benefits And Drawbacks

LED Lighting Benefits And Drawbacks

Why LED lighting? LED module manufacturers are selling LED modules at a wide range, as LED lighting is the perfect solution for most lighting applications. Led light technology is the leading technology that favors display signs, lighting channel letters, retail symbols, and more. Moreover, it is desirable for various multinational firms due to its brilliant light, durability, affordability, and cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of LED module

Here are some of the high tech LED lighting modules benefits:

Highly cost-effective

Led modules are highly versatile and energy-efficient. It makes LED lights a highly cost-effective choice for users and can lead to extensive savings on energy bills.

Higher brightness

The led lights are brilliant when it comes to lighting. The brightness level of LEDs lighting modules as by led module manufacturers is now exceeding your expectations. They are providing superior durability and also offer incredibly bright light.

Environmentally friendly

Led light modules are also environmentally friendly. These LEDs are applicable for a broad range of applications and have the brightest future among the other most exhaustive range applications. They consume less power because they engender environmental sustainability that lasts much longer and contain no toxins.

Resistance to impact temperature

The LED lighting benefits because it does not contain filament and glass elements, unlike traditional led, which are very sensitive to setbacks and bumps. Usually, the construction and designing of high-quality LED comprise high-quality plastics and aluminum parts, making these leds more durable and resistant to low temperature and vibrations.

Heat transfer

Another benefit of these led is that they generate small amounts of heat due to their high performance. This energy production converted into light 90 percent and mainly processed them, which allow direct human contact with the source of led with much exposure to risk and burns even after a longer duration. In addition, there is less risk of fire or mishappening.

Also, led illuminations are ideal and perfect for goods and equipment that are extremely sensitive to high-temperature conditions.


LEDs are highly beneficial for most energy-efficient sources and systems as they have much less energy consumption s compare to others like metal halide, fluorescent, incandescent, and mercury lamps. It has a luminous efficiency of up to80 to 90 %, which means that 80% of the energy is converted into light. Thou, only 20% is lost and transfer into heat. As a result, it has higher efficiency.



The primary drawback of using these lights is that they are much expensive than the traditional light source. However, they are more durable and last for a longer duration than others, saving your money for the future. In other words, they are a one-time investment for sure.

Temperature sensitivity

The quality of the diodes and the lighting are based on the ambient operating temperature. There may be burning of LED modules due to high-temperature changes in the current passing through the semiconductor. This drawback only occurs when they are exposed to an increase in the temperature, like in steel mills highly.

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