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LED Vs. LCD: Which One Is More Suitable For You?

LED Vs. LCD: Which One Is More Suitable For You?

Digital signage is an industry that uses Outdoor Advertising LED Display pretty much everywhere you look in stadiums, airports, casinos, train stations, and commercial buildings there is digital signage. For taking their message out of the home, the advertisers and businesses continually gravitate towards digital signage and engage with audiences in compelling new ways. The importance of digital signage signifies the latest technology, but which digital signage technology is right for you? The two most popular LED and LCD technologies in the industry are most in-demand in the market.

Let’s look at which is most appropriate for your marketing and advertising company.

LED vs. LCD:

LCD digital signage

LCD is an abbreviation of Liquid Crystal Display. The LCD screen allows the backlight to pass through tiny liquid crystals in the display. This technology is used in computer monitors TVs, and smaller-scale indoor digital signage. Here are some pros and cons of using these LED displays for your advertisement.

Pros: LCD can be viewed from a close range and offer a higher resolution, which is highly beneficial for the user.

Cons:  these screens are of high resolution, but they tend to get fragile and heavier as their size increases. Also, you require a proper installation and special attention towards it to make it run smoothly.

LED digital signage.

On the other hand, LED (Light-Emitting Diode) is highly beneficial for advertisement displays composed of columns and rows of individual LED packages. Here are the basic LED pros and cons of using LED screens.

Pros: LEDs show up in almost any ambient light conditions and are significantly brighter and are perfect for indoor and outdoor advertisement. They consist of vibrant colors that are more brilliant when it comes to contrast as they have substantially greater. In addition, LED displays are thin, lightweight no matter what their size is, unlike the LCD. Also, they are environmentally friendly and have a greener solution because they appeal far less power.

Cons: LED displays cannot be viewed from a closer distance but are viewed from a distance of a few feet, while LCD is viewed at a much closer distance.

How do you choose which is right for you, LED vs. LCD?

The LED and LCD equipment are excellent in their own way. It all depends upon your requirement and needs. If the viewer wants face to face with a display, up close and for personal use, then LCD is much suitable for them, and if they’re going to view the screen from a distance like on billboards, outdoor advertisements then LED may be the way to go.

So, the Outdoor Advertising LED Display is more suitable for marketing and branding. They help you reach more valuble customers and enhance your product value; however, the LCD is suitable and safe to use for personal use. Nowadays, multiple online platforms can easily find these LCDs and LEDs at affordable prices.

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