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Use Transparent Led Films To Enhance Marketing Campaigns

Use Transparent Led Films To Enhance Marketing Campaigns

Transparent surfaces like glass are generally decorated outdoor with static art or even left simply empty so everyone can see. This type of surface adds elements of beautification but this is always been a challenge. LED transparent display is the modern glass display technology that solved all the challenges and provides the best to display. The transparent led film emergence is transforming windows into awesome display platforms. The technology adds beauty and the installation is easy without any mess as it is used on bare windows. As they have media impact, neon lights, stickers, paints do not cut it any more simply. The industry of led has come up with led transparent films which are regarded as transparent led, created a multitude of possibilities for crystal transparent surfaces. Transparent led films are designed as original facades that remain intact and visible.

Marketing is one of the elements that have great representation in defining a brand’s market position and the commitment to its quality. The transparent led films play a great role in marketing brands. This creates awareness and sends the right message to the large masses. These self-adhesive transparent films not only bring a new era of display advertising but also enhances the aesthetic value of business premises so their presentation enhances automatically. This is best for marketing campaigns as they are invisible PCB designed that offer 95% of transparency levels. Moreover, these are also ultra-slim that’s are easy to install at 1.2 mm thickness. You can easily use for entire building facades walls, stores, showroom apart from transparent surfaces.

Technical information:

One of the great advantages of transparent led films is flexibility. They can be built into any size or any shape and its resolutions are adjustable. The adjustment of resolution means that they can handle any type of graphics. Moreover, their versatility and durability make led films cost-effective in the long-run.

Thin and lightweight:

The products from this film category are very light in weight and when the feature is attached with the thinness of product at 1.2 mm along with the softness which makes the installation easy immaterial of installation surface size and shape.

Highly durable:

The transparent led film units are extremely durable and are protected by UV coating. This provides high transparency and projects with full colors. They are highly flexible and durable which makes them versatile more than other media vectors.

Highly transparent:

The led film products are highly transparent up to 95%, the transparent surfaces backdrop are undisturbed and aesthetics are maintained.

Customization and cost-friendly:

The customization level is very high that’s why products are unmatchable due to high resolution or full color that are offered. Virtually, these led screens subscribe to the concept of stick and play, known as led glass products.

Size of pixel pitch:

Products that are classified under the umbrella of the transparent led film or glass category offer many pixel pitch sizes. Their configuration depends on the need as the smaller the size of the pixel pitch, the closer the viewing range, and the higher the cost and resolution. These transparent screens offer brightness of a high level.

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