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All You Need To Know About Different Types Of Outdoor LED Display Screens

All You Need To Know About Different Types Of Outdoor LED Display Screens

LED display screen outdoor is the main advertising media. Outdoor Advertising LED Display is a trendy popular media that use to publish commercial advertising, big or small public events, and all information to the masses. LED displays have features of high visibility, flexibility, and dynamics for the different media sources. The outdoor LED screen is designed in several ways to fix the different types of architecture for different purposes. Here are some types of outdoor LED display screens are summarized.

Pillar LED display

The most popular style for outdoor advertising LED display screen is the standing pillar LED outdoor LED display style. The pillar of the LED screen has to be stronger to support the whole weight of the big LED display screen and to face the hassles of environment, weather, and temperature. The sides and thickness of the outdoor LED displays are also different according to the size and place where installed. There are three main parts of the standing pillar LED display:

  • The steel columns
  • The underground base constructor
  • The LED screen fixed framework

Wall mount LED screen

Wall mount LED display screen is comparatively a bit cost-effective than stand pillar LED style. This type of LED is covered with aluminum composite panels to make it waterproof. This is one of the most common types of outdoor LED display screens.

Building top LED display

Many of the advertising investors wish to have wide coverage of LED through which a great number of audiences can see the ad’s images or videos. In this case, fixed the outdoor LED display screen on the top of the building is the best option to make it real. Select the suitable size of the LED display, this will enlarge the advertising profit.

Inner and outer curved LED display

Curved LED display screens are more audience-focused. You can install either inner curved or outer curved LED display screens according to the building. An outdoor curved LED display is providing a better viewing experience for the audience. The outer curved LED display screen is best when you want the LED display been visible in a wide viewing angle.

Outdoor angular LED screen

Outdoor angular LED displays primarily be used on the wall corner of the building. This type of outdoor advertising LED display screen makes two directions are visible to the great number of audience. It attracts viewers by moving ads and its bright color.

Dual side outdoor LED display

Dual side outdoor LED screens mean the opposite sides are LED displays. Mainly it is used for the street, high way, or public road advertisement. People from both directions can see the ads media displayed on the LED display screen on both sides. The thickness of this LED display is higher than the single sided-LED display as there is a maintenance tube in between two display boards.

Tri-side LED display

The tri-sided outdoor LED screen is used in the road cross, it makes all 4 direction visible. This is a normal display type of outdoor LED screen. You can use an ice LED screen for energy-saving LED display which refers to a low power consumption display.

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